Vegan Friendly or Frankenstein Meat??? Chef Cooks The World’s First Lab Created Meatball.


Meat cells were cultured in a laboratory to grow the world’s first lab created meatball.

Seriously? Oh man. Read on & see video below.

The world is becoming more and more bizarre don’t you think? I mean really. It is becoming common knowledge that the meat industry is not a sustainable one. That single industry is a HUGE contributor to the greenhouse gas emissions on this planet as well as a major polluter of our air & water.  There is also a fast growing awareness of how this industry (in general) so poorly, cruelly & inhumanely treats the animals than end up on our dinner tables. Of course let’s not forget all the chemical concoctions that are added through every stage of the life and death of every animal, which in turn ends up in our bodies.

Add all that together and we have a recipe for the inevitable death of the meat industry.

Yet the vast majority of people still ravenously insist on eating meat despite the expanding mountain of evidence showing how bad the meat industry is for people, for the planet and of course, for the animals!

Introducing a start-up company called Memphis Meats. These guys are really excited by their lab grown meat method which they believe is the way to feed people meat without the slaughtering of animals.

Memphis Meats stated:

“The meat industry is long overdue for innovation. We’re using cutting-edge technology to grow real meat without the animals. The result? “The meatball that changed the world.”

Memphis Meats chief executive Uma Valeti said to the Wall Street Journal:

“The meat industry knows their products aren’t sustainable. We believe that in 20 years, a majority of meat sold in stores will be cultured.”

Is cultured meat really the answer? Sure, they claim this meat growing process emits 90% fewer greenhouse gases than traditional farming methods, but is this really a good solution? I find it hard to believe that lab grown meats would be any good for us at all.

Vegan Friendly or Frankenstein Meat…

Is Monsanto in on this? Maybe they funded these scientists. I don’t know. But I do know in the pit of my stomach, this feels like a very terrible idea. This feels the same to me as it does when I think about Monsanto, Coca Cola, McDonald’s & so many other monolithic health crushing corporations. Just don’t do it!! Don’t support them. They cannot continue for long if we stop giving them our money.

Watch the video below then leave a comment telling me how you personally feel about this. Also I wonder, is this a vegan friendly food? Some say yes since no animals are harmed… others give a big NO WAY! What do you think?

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