Why Are These Plastic Bottles So Valuable? This is FANTASTIC!!!


You may be surprised to find out the valuable purpose of these plastic bottles.

Hug It Forward is a grass-roots organization that facilitates education and awareness by empowering communities to build “bottle schools”. Bottle schools are schools built using “eco-bricks”: plastic bottles stuffed with inorganic trash. Entire communities come together to build more sustainable educational infrastructure for their future.

They turn empty plastic bottles & bags into Schools!

Hug It Forward also strives to raise awareness in developed countries about trash, consumption and the power of community. This mission is equally important to them as facilitating the construction of bottle schools in developing countries.

At the time of this writing they have built 53 schools in 65 months of operation with an average cost per school of just $6500. Seriously impressive. What a wonderful way to turn trash into something useful and valuable for a community.




Want to help hands on? A bottle school voluntourism trip gives participants the opportunity to give back while traveling, and to experience a magical culture. It’s a volunteer vacation where you can make a real difference in the lives of hundreds of people, as well as changing your own. I imagine this would be a powerful, life changing experience. Visit the Hug It Forward website for more info.

Watch this short video below to discover how valuable plastic bottles can be.

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