Have You Heard About The Starry Eyed Blind Owl? This is FOR REAL!


Imagine waking up one morning and finding a small owl on your front porch. Now imagine you pick up that owl and discover he has eyes like you have never seen before… he has stars in his eyes! Well that’s what happened to a couple is southern California.

They found a starry eyed blind owl! Read on…

This couple immediately took the owl to a vet and learned this little Western Screech Owl is almost completely blind, but otherwise, in good health. So why does he appear to have stars in his eyes? This fella has a condition called capsular cataract which causes these star-like specks. These specks are actually blood pigment clots.

It was deemed that Zeus would not survive on his own with only having about 10% of his eyesight, so, he now resides at the Wildlife Learning Center with founder Paul Hahn.

Paul says: “Zeus exudes a very peaceful presence and is very calm. He has a very big personality and exhibits a bit of a curious nature.”

What a stunningly beautiful creature. Thank you mother earth for creating so much beauty in life, even in these so called ‘imperfections’.



Zeus the blind owl


Below is a speed painting video of an acrylic painting of Zeus. Is he the cutest little fluff ball you’ve ever seen?

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