Kindergarten Teacher Makes Magic Out of Straws and Popsicle Sticks [VIDEO]


Remember the game MouseTrap? Well this kindergarten teacher takes that game to a whole new level. This video is the result of a man who wanted to make magic for his kindergarten class. He spent 9 months and made this EPIC Rube Goldberg Machine. He is calling this machine “The Door Opener”.

“Last year, I started building this machine for my kindergarten class. I wanted to make magic out of straws and popsicle sticks. I continued in the summer, and after nine months of my spare time, and two weeks of intensive troubleshooting and filming, this little gem is the result.” — Ariel Llama

And if you love the music in this video, that too is created by the same man. You can pick up a copy of his cd here.

Watch the video then share your comments below.

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