A Touching LESSON OF LOVE From The MOST ADORABLE 3 Year Old Girl


It was a story that went viral last year, but this is well worth sharing some more. A most adorable 3 year old girl named Ariana Smith from Winterport, Maine, teaches us a lesson of love and selflessness.

Ariana was sitting one night with her father, Josh Smith, who was doing some charity work when she saw a picture of a little girl in a hospital bed with tubes coming out of her… and this little girl was bald. When Ariana expressed curiosity as to why the little girl was bald, it was explained to her that the little girl was sick and it was the medicine that made her hair fall out.

Without hesitation Ariana said; “Oh, well she can have some of my hair.”

So a week later little 3 year old Ariana received her first haircut ever. She had 10 inches chopped off and they sent her hair off to the organization called, Locks Of Love, who provide human hair wigs for children who lose their hair from medical treatments.

Josh posted photos of the event on his Imgur page and in 2 days saw almost 650,000 views. While that is a lot of views, I think Ariana’s story should be seen by a whole lot more people than that as we can all take a lesson from the selflessness shown by this little girl.

She just wanted to help another little girl feel pretty and gave up her own hair to do so. Would you give up your hair for a child who lost all their hair? Here is a video of Ariana on the Merideth show. What a cutie!

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