DISCOVERY: Chameleons Do Not Actually Change Colour… THEY USE CRYSTALS!


Wow, this is some really fascinating information. Scientists have discovered that chameleons do not actually change colour as was previously thought. Instead they use crystals, or what are being called, Smart Mirrors.

It was previously believed that chameleons changed their colour by rapidly altering the pigments to their skin. It is really quite amazing how in less than 2 minutes a chameleon can change from greens & blues (for camoflauge) to reds & yellows (for communicating). But Michel Milinkovitch of Laboratory of Artificial & Natural Evolution has discovered it’s actually much more interesting than that.

Instead, they use tiny crystals called iridophores, found just under the surface of their skin. These crystals contract and expand when a chameleon is excited or stressed, which in turn reflects different colours from the light spectrum.

Crystals! Pretty freaking awesome huh? Mother nature is such an incredible artist!

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