Massive GOOSEBUMPS! Dead Grandma Speaks Through Child [WATCH VIDEO]

You can’t fake this! Wow. Seriously, you gotta watch it to the end and I bet it will give you goosebumps too. Grandma in spirit sends a message through a 4 year old child. Watch the eyes of both mother and child and try telling me this is fake. Is this evidence of the afterlife? Whatever it is, it’s a powerful moment everyone can FEEL just from watching.

When watching this video it appears the little girl goes into an almost trance-like state as her dead grandmother speaks to this little girl. Mom’s reaction of shock is also very believable. I am curious to know your opinion too… does this look legit or does this look faked?

This is what Mom said on her facebook page:

“I am freaking out – I can’t even find words. I don’t know what to think or say or do- there is no way Charlie could know this. My grandmother called me this name growing up- there is NO WAY Charlie could know. I am shaking.”

Are you a believer? Is there life beyond death?