This Cuddly Baby Horse Just Totally Melted My Heart!


Horse lovers, you are going to absolutely fall in love with this baby horse and this incredible moment. Heck, even if you are not a horse lover, if you are at all human you will love this video too. Thanks to Sunny Bayne for this beauty captured in video for us all to enjoy.

I especially enjoy when she starts petting the horse and it starts wagging its tail like a puppy :)

With nearly 2.5 million views of the video on facebook in just the first day, this video is destined to melt a lot of hearts!!!

“This is probably the happiest moment of my life!!!!!! Sweetest baby horse I’ve ever been around so in love!!!”
— Sunny Bayne

No doubt! How exhilarating would it be to snuggle with a baby horse??? :)

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