[VIDEO] Crazy Mushroom You Won’t Believe Is Real… But It Actually Is!


Ahhh, Mother Nature. What an incredible artist she is and this crazy mushroom helps prove that! When I first saw a picture of this crazy mushroom, I though this alien looking organism could not possibly be real. So I hit up google… and it blew my mind to discover this crazy mushroom is the real deal!

It is called Devil’s Finger, Octopus Stinkhorn or in scientific speak it is called Clathrus Archeri. It is native to Australia & New Zealand but has been introduced to other parts of the world too such as Europe, North America & Asia.

When its tentacles ‘hatch’ and unfold, (typically 4 – 8 tentacles), the tissue emits a foul smell that actually attracts bugs. When the bugs come along to feast on this gnarly looking & smelling fungus, they leave the dinner table with spores clinging to their legs which later drop off, helping this mushroom spread and grow.

QUESTION: Is this fungus edible?
Surprisingly, the answer is yes! The unhatched eggs of devils finger, despite their gelatinous nature, are eaten and even considered a delicacy in some countries. There is little known use for species of the genus Clathrus, and nothing seems to be known about uses of C. Archeri.

Watch the time lapse video of this crazy mushroom below and remember, this is not Hollywood special effects… this is actually a real mushroom made by the greatest artist, Mother Nature :)

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