[NEW] Burning Man Board Game!


Burners, are you ready for this? It is the BURNING MAN BOARD GAME! Yep, this is sure to be a huge success, just as the annual gathering of 65,000 warm, creative, beautiful souls in Black Rock City Nevada is.

First, if you do not know what Burning Man is, educate yourself here.

And to give you an idea of the sort of experience Burning Man is, here is just one of so many amazing testimonials about the event:

“Best times of my life! If u have an open mind and agree to yourself to say yes to new things, then go! I found it extremely liberating! It’s wacky, fantastical, beautiful, tiring, loud, vivacious, refreshing, stimulating. Somehow it makes an amazing platform for self discovery. By taking everyone out of their normal element, and by employing more childlike wonder, it’s a new way of getting to know your authentic self… your needs, wants, how u fit into a community, to be a kid again, unhindered expression w no judgement, etc.. Sure there are difficult parts… but those add to the overall effort of the event, which gives u more satisfaction in the end I think. Nothing is perfect, but beauty isn’t just about perfection. Beauty can also be strange, horrifying, scary and challenging. And it can also be inspiring, awesome, hilarious, warm, loving, fun, dusty, exhilarating, spontaneous, decadent and most definitely experiential! Bla bla bla words words words… I love it! I miss it! )'( — Kathryn P.

The celebration of Burning Man’s annual fire ceremony began in 1986, created by Larry Harvey and Jerry James. For the next four years, its annual fire party was held at Baker Beach in San Francisco. In 1990, the Park police interceded to prevent the culminating conflagration of the statue. This was a transitional moment for Burning Man as the event evolved with a new location, a change of date, and the beginning of a new meaning for the celebration. Read the history of Burning Man here.

burning-man-board-gameOne of the well known characters of Burning Man, a fellow who goes by Johan the DomeGuy, (he has geodesic domes available for sale or rent worldwide) has developed the brand new Burning Man Board Game. In order to harness the power of community, Johan has created a Kickstarter funding page to help this project come to fruition.

Visit the Burning Man Board Game page on Kickstarter to get your copy!

And please share this page as a way to support this project and bring more awareness to the Burning Man Project. Thank you.

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