OMG!!! Bleeding Tooth Fungus… This is WILD, but it’s not what you think it is.


Well I must admit, I was pretty blown away when I first saw and learned about Bleeding Tooth Fungus. It is actually a mushroom! It’s real name is Hydnellum Peckii but it is known by numerous nicknames such as; Bleeding Tooth Fungus, Devils Tooth & Strawberries And Cream.

That last name makes it sound pretty darn good and although it is said to have a sweet-like odor, it is not a tasty variety of mushroom. It is considered to be inedible though it is not toxic. It just tastes awful! I have not tried eating this mushroom myself, but it is reported to have an extreme peppery taste.

This beautiful yet creepy looking masterpiece of mother nature is found primarily in North America & Europe, though it has recently also been discovered in Iran & Korea.

Interestingly, the ‘blood’ that oozes from this fungus contains a pigment which has anticoagulant properties. Only the young ones are clearly identifiable. As they age they become a typical brown.





Here is a video explaining more about this bizarre mushroom.

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