2 Apple Halves TEACH us ENLIGHTENING Lessons About LIFE… Seriously!


I really love apples. They are so crisp, sweet, juicy & delicious! And then there is apple pie… OMG! Who doesn’t love fresh, warm apple pie?? Did you know, Americans eat an average of 20lbs of apples per year and Europeans eat an average of 46lbs of apples each year?


So a woman by the name of Nikki Owen has encouraged hundreds of people to do this test and most people report similar results. This test is a variation of the rice test we wrote about previously. The purpose of these tests is to demonstrate just how powerful our thoughts, words & intentions really are.

Our words, (thought, written & spoken), carry the power to uplift and heal ourselves and others, or, they can cause great damage and destruction to ourselves and others. By doing this test you can see for yourself that you are far more powerful than you realize. By doing this test you will start to change how you think and speak. You will more carefully begin to use your words to bless, not curse.



A blurb from Nikki’s website: “Nikki has been running The Big Apple Experiment™ for several years and it has attracted extensive media attention. We believe that the results prove conclusively that the power of positive thought will impact greatly on ensuring the ‘Love Apple’ stays fresher for longer than the ‘Hate Apple’. Whilst we make no attempt to offer scientific explanations, The Big Apple Experiment™ seems to work for between 75% and 80% of the people that conduct it.

Try this experiement at home and come back to show us your results. And if you would like to see more photos and testimonials for this test, visit The Big Apple Experiment page.

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